The first Pet Shop Boys item that I ever bought was the 'Please' album on vinyl in 1986. Since then I have added to my collection and I now have a total of 256 Pet Shop Boys and related artists singles, albums, videos, DVDs and books from countries such as the UK, America, Japan, Holland, Germany, Italy and France. The most recent addition to my collection is the UK CD single of 'Say It To Me'.
I think the rarest items that I have in my collection are the American 12" promo Arthur Baker remixes of 'Suburbia', the American 3 x 12" Happy Holidays remixes of 'Introspective', the UK 10" of 'West End Girls' which included a free 7" and the Pet Shop Boy Club CD of 'It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas'.

Please Thursday It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas