It was Wednesday 3rd April 2002 and I was going to the 'Release' record signing in Manchester.
I went with a friend, who isn't a fan but him came anyway. We arrived at Manchester's Piccadilly Station at about 1.45pm. Our train journey was only about 20 minutes as we didn't have far to go. The signing was due to start at 5.30pm in the Virgin Megastore on Market Street so we thought we had better go there first to find out what floor the signing would be on. It was going to be on the first floor.

Virgin Megastore In Manchester

We then had a walk around the shops and went back to Virgin at 3.00pm. There was nobody about so we went away for another walk around the shops and we returned to Virgin at 3.55pm. There were a few people about so we joined the queue. We were 5th and 6th. It was a good job that we did join the queue then as it started to get bigger. By 5.30pm the queue had snaked all the way round the 1st floor. Neil and Chris arrived at 5.35pm. They had a few press photos taken and there was also camera crew. One of the photographers asked Chris if he would mind removing his cap, Chris said "Yeah" and it remained firmly on his head. Then the signing began.

Mitch Clark, Chris And Neil Chris And Neil

I got my 'Release' limited edition CD and a 'Release' competition form signed (See Below) whilst my friend watched and took a photo for another Chris who was getting his items signed. I gave both Neil and Chris a slip a paper with my website address on. Chris said "What's this?", so I explained that I had done a website about them called So Pet Shop Boys. Neil said "What you've done a website about us?" They both put the slips of paper into their pockets and said that they would visit it. I asked them if they did visit it could they please sign my guestbook. I also managed to take a few photos. So we had queued for over an hour and a half, and it was all over in about 3 or so minutes.
When we left Virgin the queue still snaked all the way round the 1st floor, but now it went down the stairs and was starting to snake round the ground floor. There must have been about 300 people queuing up.
After leaving Virgin a few of us went onto the Dry Bar on Oxford Street, then it was time to get the train home.


Release Limited Edition CD

My Signed Copy Of The Release Limited Edition CD

Release Competition Form

My Signed Copy Of The Release Competition Form