So are all Petheads Pet Shop Boys fans? Sure! But just how much of a fan are you? Petheads can range from the casual fan who likes a few songs, to the fanatic who knows all the chart positions and songs by heart, to the totally obsessed individuals who eat, sleep, drink and live Pet Shop Boys, 24/7. This is the 'official' Pet Shop Boys purity test. This 'purity test' method of calculating how much you like or know about a specific subject has been used on just about anything. This test was inspired by the 'Transformers fan purity test' written by Diana Calder, and the more recent 'What makes a true Pethead?' posts on the discussion forums. I hope this test will help you determine just how much the Pet Shop Boys rule your life.
To score sections 1-8, simply count the total of 'yes' answers, and add bonus points where indicated. Most of the questions were written by Tricky Disco. Suggestions for changes in wording of the questions, format, scoring, etc. are appreciated, and so are submissions of questions for the next version of the test, but please e-mail them to Tricky Disco. Those who contribute to the test will receive credit for their contributions. (Note: When contributing questions, please state which section the questions are for and phrase the question as a specific question. More general suggestions are appreciated but credit will only be given for clearly worded questions.) Also bear in mind that this test is created first and foremost just for fun and should nobody take these questions or this test in general too seriously.

And now – 'Let's rock!'

Section 1: Audio

Section 2: Video

Section 3: Reading

Section 4: Knowledge

Section 5: Creative Activities

Section 6: Computer Habits

Section 7: Shopping

Section 8: Miscellaneous

The Scoring

Take the total number of 'yes' answers you had for sections 1-8 and add any bonus points.
Now find out just where you rank:

0-75 Pethead Junior

You may have heard a song or two, but your knowledge of all things Pet Shop Boys is still very scarce, and must be remedied immediately!

76-150 Pethead Ensign

Well, you know some of the songs and occasionally look around you to see what's happening in Pet Shop Boys land. Like most normal individuals do. You could probably do better without much effort.

151-225 Pethead Senior

Even though you're not completely familiar with the inner workings of the Pet Shop Boys yet, you're eager to learn, and willing to actively dedicate yourself to the Pet Shop Boys cause.

301-400 Pethead Major

You are one of the proud, and spread the good word of the Pet Shop Boys wherever you go to anyone willing (or unwilling) to listen. Everyone who knows you also knows a good deal of the Pet Shop Boys through you. Keep up the good work!

401-500 Pethead General

You're well known in the Pethead community for your actions regarding the Pet Shop Boys, and Neil and Chris most likely know who you are either by experience or reputation. In general, you are knows first and foremost as an active Pet Shop Boys supporter.

501-600 Pethead Executive

Whoa! Looks like you don't perform a single action without it being Pet Shop Boys related in one way or another! You are such a notorious Pethead, that even total strangers know you by reputation alone. You are most likely one of the PetsFiles™ agents or their biggest fan, and when you speak, all the other Petheads listen.

601+ Pethead Extraordinaire must either be Neil Tennant himself.....or more likely, lied through your teeth when you took this test! Please go back to the beginning and answer truthfully this time!

And Finally.....

Well, I hope you enjoyed the test. It's expected it to be updated quite regularly, so if you have come across this test in one way or another, and want to make sure you receive word of it's updating, drop Tricky Disco a line, and you'll be notified by e-mail when the next version hits the streets.