In September 1991 the Pet Shop Boys launched their own record label called Spaghetti. The first single to be released on Spaghetti was by a 21 year old Scottish singer, synthesizer player and songwriter called Cicero. The single was called 'Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me'. The Pet Shop Boys first met Cicero when he went backstage at a Pet Shop Boys concert in Glasgow (Scotland) in 1989. Cicero later released four more singles and an album on Spaghetti.
Other artist to have releases on Spaghetti are Masterboy, Boy George and Ignorants.
In May 2003 the Pet Shop Boys launched two more record labels called Olde English Vinyl and Lucky Kunst.
In April 2013 the Pet Shop Boys launched another record label called x2 (Times two) through Kobalt Label Services, their album 'Electric' was the first release on the label.
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