Very Introspective, Actually

Released - 5th June 2001
Record Label - Dancing Ferret Discs
Catalogue Number - DFD061-01

Very Introspective, Actually

This tribute album is called 'Very Introspective, Actually' which is a clever title. I suppose they could have called it 'Very Alternative, Actually'.
As far as tribute albums go this is actually very good. Apparently the manager of one of the artist's approach about the album said, "Have the Pet Shop Boys died, that there needs to be a tribute to them?"
The album lasts for 70 minutes and has 15 classic Pet Shop Boys tracks including B-sides and album tracks, from 'West End Girls' to 'New York City Boy'. They are covered by various artist from a wide variety of genres, such as new wave, goth, techno, industrial, indie rock, synthpop, alternative, and spoken word ('West End Girls').
I can honestly say that I enjoyed each and every one of the tracks on this album. I'd never heard of any of the artists featured on this album before, but after listening to it I will have to see what their own material sounds like.
If you like getting anything related to the Pet Shop Boys or even if you don't bother with covers versions, this album is a must have for your collection. I give it 9 out of 10. Buy 'Very Introspective, Actually': USA CD. The track listing is as follows:

It's A Sin The Crüxshadows
Rent Behind The Scenes
This Must Be The Place I've Waited Years To Leave Human Drama
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) Fictional
Left To My Own Devices Motormark
Suburbia Endanger
Love Comes Quickly Sweep
Heart Athan Maroulis and Zeitmahl
What Have I Done To Deserve This? Rhea's Obsession
New York City Boy Icon Of Coil
So Hard Momus
Jealousy Hungry Lucy
You Know Where You Went Wrong Cleaner
West End Girls Nicole Blackman and John Van Eaton
Being Boring David J

Very Introspective, Actually Very Introspective, Actually